Description of this microtask challenge:

MCF7 cells are a widely studied breast cancer cell line that is also profiled within the LINCS program by several assays and many perturbations. To complement the effort of the data collection of MCF7 by the LINCS consortium, the BD2K-LINCS DCIC is interested in accumulating gene expression signatures from prior studied that profiled gene expression before and after any perturbations of MCF7 cells. Such collection of signatures can be used to answer questions such as: how similar MCF7 cells are across labs and across platforms? Do perturbations of MCF7 cells converge into few prototypical responses? Using GEO2Enrichr and the crowdsourcing portal you can contribute signatures to this collection. The hashtag for this project is #MCF7_BD2K_LINCS_DCIC_COURSERA.

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